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A self-motivated, conscientious and enthusiastic individual with excellent communication skills. An independent thinker not afraid of hard work and will stay the course until the job is completed. My objective is to have a successful journalism career and to always love what I do. 

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I share the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Having graduated from a BA in Journalism and the News Industry at the University of Kent, where I also received my NCTJ Diploma, I have immersed myself in the world of media and storytelling. 

Over the course of 2020, a year that will go down in history, I spent time producing and launching my own podcast show, What It’s Like with Luce. Using my degree and previous experience working as a digital executive and PR intern, I managed to secure an impressive roster of guests including the likes of JM Correa, Mark Ferris, Joe Duffy, Louise Cooney, Dan Cray and Gabriela Hersham, to name but a few. This experience has exponentially broadened my network globally and has allowed me to grow a brand from scratch via compelling content creation, deepening my digital skillset. 

Professionally, I have undertaken numerous internships and roles. Working in digital content for, I was producing travel based articles tailored for sharing on social media as well as creating video content from press trips I went on to promote new flight paths across Europe. I regularly used AEM and SEO alongside managing and sourcing social media influencers for collaborative campaigns. For over a year I was a studio intern at KMTV, Kent’s leading station for local news where I acted as a reporter sourcing and creating stories for broadcast as well as a floor manager, editor, play-out and soundboard director. In addition, I have worked with the media team at Vancouver Fashion Week, attending shows and writing the daily press releases for global publications. Prior to this, I interned at Irish Tatler magazine where I spent the majority of my time pitching ideas and running the magazine's social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), drafting posts and scheduling them for daily release to their social audience. That same year, I interned at the PR office of fashion label, JOSEPH during London Fashion Week Sept. 2017 where I was immersed in the marketing and creation/preservation of an established clothing brand. Spending time at the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design whilst I completed a fashion journalism course also gave me an inside view into the workings of the fashion industry where I learnt from leading players in British fashion publishing. 

My free time has been spent as a freelance fashion features contributor for Northern Woman magazine, featuring articles in every monthly edition. This experience has developed my ability to create feature ideas and source images via press galleries and interacting regularly with press offices. In addition, I run my own fashion, travel and lifestyle blog, LUCE. To promote and boost engagement for my online platforms, I operate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages under the handle @lucenorris and @whatitslikepod. 

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